Announcements, Updates & Changes 

Please Remember to communicate when interested in:

Any Outreach, Event, Show, Class or Workshop.   Either RSVP, Payment through our website, communication via our contact form or a direct email to specific instructor is necessary to confirm your place is reserved and/or space/time/class are available.

  Thank You.

Our Direct Impact ArtEarth Day Event was wonderful! 

Met some new beautiful people. 

That was delightful!

We raised $668 so far

for sweet Natasha's medical carseat. Yay!

Thank You all for your time and contributions. 

As Natasha would say with a big smile,

"We are one roll closer." 



Please always refer to our 'Black Out' dates below.

Some classes choose to continue their instruction through the Black Out Dates

Please communicate directly with your instructor.

Black Out LPAC Dates for 2022


Exceptions may occur with:

Axon Marital Arts, Sabre Fencing, Rising Tide Martial Arts



​March 26 - April 1, 2022

July 31 - August 6, 2022

November 25, 2022

December 24 - January 6, 2023