Comprehensive Dance Program

Our Comprehensive Dance Program is for young dancers and young choreographers who are aspiring to have a professional career in the field of dance/choreography and performing arts.


Principal Artistic Director, Choreographer, performer and primary instructor, Tamara Lynn Jonason, International Dance Council CID, has designed a unique program for Intermediate Level I through Advanced Level dancers to:


* Refine technique

* Build a portfolio

* Learn multiple ballet and contemporary dance styles

* Develop personal dance and choreographic style and confidence

* Study the myriad dynamics of being a choreographer and a dance company member

* Understand the ‘ins and outs’ of a career as an artistic director


Our program provides the option to tailor a personal schedule 5.5 - 16.75 hours a week to meet the needs and direction each dancer/choreographer may be needing.  We also offer multiple performance opportunities at our local venue including a platform to share talent with the international dance community.

Comprehensive Dance Program includes:

Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet with Integrated Classical, Moshen Contemporary Dance, Pointe TechniqueChoreography Development, Combo Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance, Apprenticeship Opportunity (Auditions and Artistic Directors Approval Required).

In addition, each year you receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.  

Unlimited Special Tier for Serious Dancer

These prices and hours do not include workshops, New Student Assessment nor of $50 per performance.

$385     5.5 - 6.25 hours per week / 22 - 25 hours 4 weeks 

$396     6.5 - 8.25 hours per week / 26 - 33 hour 4 weeks

$455     8.5 - 10 hours per week / 34 - 40 hours 4 week

$475    10.25 - 12.5  hours per week / 41 - 50 hours 4 weeks

$525    12.75 - 16.75  hours per week / 51 - 67 hours 4 weeks

Note:  the above pricing does not include,

New Student Assessment, Workshops or $50 per performance.

Sign Up and additional inquires for our:

Comprehensive Dance Program 

Please contact:

Tamara Lynn at: or

Put Comprehensive Dance Program in the subject field and include your contact information.

For Serious and dedicated dancers focused on a professional career (5.5 - 16.75 hours a week).

Please include your contact info and a brief overview of the interested dancer/choreographer, age, level of previous training and direction in which they are wanting their career to go.

In certain circumstances additional discounts may apply.

To inquire:  Add to your email your reason or certain circumstances with your contact information.