~ Our Elders ~
Enriching our Relationships with Each Other

Let the Story Be Told
Nurturing Time With Our Elders 

Coffee or Tea and a Story

Let's share sometime together.  Put on a piece of music one that has significance in your life and pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and share an event, a memory or story from your life that has imprinted you and share with each other.  

Each person in the meeting will have a day where they highlight their life with sharing music, a story, memory or an event.  The participants will have the opportunity to have conversation about what is shared or ask questions to be able to learn about that special part of your life.

Our dream is to document the stories and publish for the future generations. 

This time in our lives can be strange and bizarre.  We need each other!  We enrich each other's life by finding ways to be there for each other. 


Meets Thursday morning

11:30am - 12:30pm

Complimentary  ~ No Cost ~

RSVP required

We encourage RSVP for a 4 week commitment.