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Experiences Online to Enrich our Relationships with Each Other


Poetic   Rhythm

Add 3 lines in your own words. Once the poem is complete we will meet virtually. The poem will be read by one of the students. We will then paint or draw a picture of what the poem means to you. 


Post poem and instructions on first Friday of month meet on second Friday at 2:30pm virtually. 

Complementary Class

~ No Cost ~

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We encourage RSVP for a 4 week commitment.

Evvy Brown

Evvy has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Hip hop and modern contemporary are her preferred styles. She has performed in many traditional dance recital pieces and has performed in five different theater plays. Evvy dances with a Modern contemporary dance company she performed in two shows that premiered at the Bas Blue theater in summer of 2019. Her interests are Dance, music and drawing animation. She also enjoys playing drums and tennis. 

Draw Chain

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First artists draws a part of a drawing. 

Add your creative thought to the drawing, pass on.  When the drawing has been completed it will be posted on our creative draw chain wall.


Age group 9-12 

Draw chain: Post picture have each participant send there add on to Lovelandpac@gmail.com email and we will post it on website. When completed we post the finished piece on the art wall. 

Complementary Class

~ No Cost ~

RSVP required

We encourage RSVP for a 4 week commitment.


Instructor ~ Tessy Tabish Brown

Creative Dance

This class offers pre recorded videos that will be uploaded weekly for your child/children to explore range of motion which can help improve cognitive development and build skills important for their later years.  Sensory awareness naturally built into these classes help children to connect with themselves, one another and the world around them.  One of the highlighted aspects of this class is how the young dancers inevitable acquire great appreciation for the beauty around them and in their environment. 

These creative movement videos are designed for healthy safe movement with a teaching curriculum for fun short educational piece that compliments the movements.

Movements will include: Grow a tree, be a bug, make shapes, grow a flower, move like an animal, move like water, move like an orbit. 


Videos will be uploaded to our website weekly with and

access code

Donation Based. Please RSVP


We encourage RSVP for a 4 week commitment.

Nurturing Time With Our Elders 

Coffee or Tea and a Story

Let's share sometime together.  Put on a piece of music one that has significance in your life and pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and share an event, a memory or story from your life that has imprinted you and share with each other.  

Each person in the meeting will have a day where they highlight their life with sharing music, a story, memory or an event and the participants will have the opportunity to have conversation about what you share or ask questions to be able to learn about that special part of your life.

This time in our lives can be strange and bizarre.  We need each other!  We enrich each other's life by finding ways to be there for each other. 

A live video online gathering for you.  Facilitated by Tamara Lynn.


Meets Thursday morning

10:30 - 11:00 am

Complimentary  ~ No Cost ~

RSVP required

We encourage RSVP for a 4 week commitment.

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