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Events and Live Shows

80% of all the proceeds go to directly to a person in need.

525 W 66 Street Suite 104, Loveland, CO 80538

Our Direct Impact Art, Earth Day Event was wonderful! 






Met some new beautiful people. That was delightful!


We are still raising funds to go towards

Natasha's medical carseat.

$768 so far.

Thank You all so very much for your time and contributions.

As Natasha would say "We are one roll closer. Yay!"

Natasha is paraplegic from a caustic injection into her sacral spine.


Little Art and a Lot of Love Goes a Long Way

Some acrylic paint on potato starch _)_e

Earth Day Event

Kefi & Toska

Dance of the Elements

Fire ~ Wind ~ Water ~ Earth

Keytra Asandi Contemporary Ballet & MoShen Contemporary Dance Companies with a Touch of Fringe theatre

 Original Live Music Accompaniment
  ~ Improvisational Live Music ~
~ Comedian Bear Paypay ~ 
~ Silent Auction ~

Earth Day 
Friday April 22, 2022

80% of all proceeds go to purchasing a medical car seat for Natasha
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