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Theatre10   Original

Theatre10 Original is a performance workshop 

As a participant in Theatre10 Original you have the choice in what you want to include from what we provide while you develop and refine your art form. 

We offer a flexible workshop space and a venue for performing including remote mentorship through working directly with professionals who have been in the theatre field for decades.

Theatre10 Original

Overview Below

This is the opportunity to refine your Art Form!

Theatre10 Original is a performance workshop to refine your 'Art Form' specifically

for writers, actresses/actors. Produce original works by exploring diverse and effective monologue delivery, character development and innovative/dynamic content to create 10 min play(s). Take your art form 'to the next level.'  The other participants can be your guide, critic, observer or your co-creator.  It is all up to you.
Your 10 min play can be performed that night.

Our performance workshop includes: facilitation and warm up, direction and feed back when asked for by you, a flexible space to workshop and a venue to perform your 10 min play.  Including remote mentorship through working directly with professionals who have been in the theatre field for decades.

During the workshop, you will conceptualize your idea, formalize and score, create and develop your character(s), plot and block your 10 min play.  


Workshop ~ 2nd Saturday May 13, 2023

11:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Performances the same night ~ 2rd Saturday 7:30pm May13, 2023 

You can participate in the workshop only or the workshop and the performance.


Cost of Theatre10 Original performance workshop:

$45 for One Workshop  

$110   for 3 

 First Time Participants Discount Code:  FIRSTIME

(must be paid 24 hours prior to workshop)

no cost for professionals ~ must RSVP  24 hours in advance

 $45 per Workshop  

$110 for 3

Theatre 10 Original Overview
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