Terri Jo Enguld Classes

Int/Adv Ballet ages 13+ 

Ms. Terri Jo teaches ballet that includes a wide range of style influences.  Having studied with Oleg Sabline on how to teach dance, Ms. Terri Jo has developed her own syllabus of how to teach ballet with body development, alignment, and brain stimulating in mind.  She utilizes strength building blocks to create a strong foundation on which to build dancers in the correct placement and posture that encourages lifelong enjoyment of moving. This class is designed especially for dancers who have previous training and want to get more out of dancing. Musicality and expression will be stressed as well as correct execution of movements.




Lester Horton Modern Dance

Ms. Terri Jo studied the Lester Horton Modern Dance Technique directly from James Truitte, a founding member of the Lester Horton Performing Group.  She prides herself in teaching it in its truest form, exactly as it was taught to her in order to keep the technique pure.  The technique balances strength with flexibility.  It utilizes a variety of musical phrasing, counts and accents. The technique is known for developing long thigh muscles and flexible lower backs. It challenges the body to move in all directions. Ms. Terri Jo wrote her MA thesis on the Lester Horton Modern Dance Technique and choreographed her final piece showcasing this technique.