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Dao Moving Meditations

Samalita Adamae of Dao Moving Meditations is a renaissance artist and spiritual guide.  She is predominately disciplined in the Daoist arts as a 15th Generation Wudang Sanfeng Pai and 26th Generation Longmen Pai practitioner who passes along the insight and acquired knowledge through her life experiences, journey's and indoctrination's.  She aspires to inspire those who she comes across to lead happier, healthier and more harmonious lives.


Blue Star Shama Deerwomon, MsEd, Movement Mentor, Resonant Messenger, Educator, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Broadcast Host and Prayerformer. She shares insights and resonant messages from an intercultural cross referencing of Eastern and Western religious teachings and philosophies.. Blue is here to assist in anyway she can during these magnificent times upon Earth. She dedicates her time to self reflection, self study, consciousness raising and expansion of her heart. Her intention is to enthuse all life as Oneness and as the Divine Essence that we are. Freedom, Creativity and Spiritual Upliftment for all people is her life’s purpose. Her specialty is clearing the space and setting heartful intention for the opening of your event of spirituality or consciousness. She looks forward to sharing all she knows with you.

 Over the past 35 years Blue has developed her body of discipline called “Shamanic Improvisation”. Shamanic Improvisation is “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” and the experience of going “Between The Worlds”. With simple movements and sounds aligned with intention and thought you become an alchemical magician that navigates your own reality and co-creative abilities. In actuality you are not learning anything new you are remembering an ancient be-earth rite of personal and divine power.


Shamanic Improvisation is a cosmic understanding embracing the reality of sacred geometry, visualization, multi-dimensionality, star and earth nations and your personal divine brilliance.

Suggested Audio Listening “Improvisation As A Healing Art."

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My Masters Degree is in Theatre from Emporia University of  Emporia, Kansas.  I also hold a Bachelor of Science, Majors in Art & Secondary Education, Minor English from Dickinson State University Dickinson, North Dakota.

Beginning my Teaching career at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio Design into following my career into holding the Technical Director position in the Theatre Department at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio.  Later, I chose the Assisting Professor Position in the Theatre Arts Department  at Dickinson State University Dickinson, North Dakota and Assistant Professor in the Theatre Department for North Dakota State University in  Fargo, North Dakota with a focus on Lectures on Interior Design and for the Art Department.  During my Career as  Professor,  I enjoyed teaching Speech Communications, Radio Broadcasting, Acting, Theatre History, Theatrical Design, Art and Art History, Theatre Acting, Design, Lighting, Interior Design Lighting and the History of Furniture.  One of my specialty areas was serving on committees for developing programs for college curriculums for theatre and interior design.

I established RENAISSANCE DESIGN STUDIO offering project consulting, commercial and residential design, production design for theatre and film, graphic and artistic paintings.  My recent theatre productions include: “The Last Flapper," Main Stage in Eureka Springs,  Arkansas and  Designer, Technical Director, Lighting for Willo Mancifoot and the Mugga Killa Whomps a premier childrenʼs performance at The Auditorium in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. and  produced and directed “The Bell of Amherst" at Enthios Art Venue in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Several recent Design and Build projects were for American CBD & Kava Bar in the Metro District of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Artist for two large Murals at Northwest Childrenʼs Shelter Bentonville, Arkansas.  Additional Design and Build commissioned works range from a dynamic  Moroccan Office for Cosmic Caverns to Museum Lighting at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minnesota.  I have enjoyed remodeling and designing lighting for my daughter's 5,000 square foot venue Enthios Art Venue Eureka Springs, Arkansas and creating a Monet  Experience  Design and remodel through out Allen Shapiro Law Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota with numerous  Theatrical Productions, Community Theatre Designs and Remodels in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Fontas Pizza Mural Design as Artist/Painter in Greeley, Colorado was one of my first large murals.  I spent many years as professional Technical Consultant for lighting/rigging for Fargo Theatre and one of my favorite was my position as Resident Lighting/Designer with Red River Dance Company in Fargo, North Dakota.

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